Monday, June 16, 2008

Day Two!

After a quick continental breakfast at the Puffin Inn, we headed downtown in search of more substantial eats, which we found, at a little cafe. Reindeer sausage with plenty of sourdough pancakes, hash, blintzes, and good coffee. We wandered around and had a "cute overload" moment with a sleepy sled dog puppy.

I'll turn it over to Sarah!

"Coming in on the plane it was amazing to see the snow capped mountains. They were just breathtaking. In Anchorage the green surrounding us was beautiful. It felt strange to have it light during the middle of the night. But the best thing so far was the Halibut chunks. They were delicious and so fresh.

I'm going to make Halibut chunks a regular part of my life. I thought the raindeer sausage was OK too. I think this is going to be really good! Keep you posted."

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Michelle said...

Please be sure to introduce Carrie as "2008 James Beard Award Winner Carrie Nahabedian" to everyone you meet. Everyone. Even sleepy sled puppies.

Fun, safe travels!