Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We made it over to Kodiak Island without delay and now the fun really begins! Its always great to get over here, the rest of the world seems so far away...did Tiger win?

More halibut and plenty of Liquid Sunshine from the Kodiak Brewing Company at Henry's, along with plenty of other tasty food. Teaxs Toothpicks - my favorites - deep fried battered jalapeno strips, and some gigantic but perfectly tender tough calamari.

Despite some late night island shenanigans, egged on by endless daylight, we are up early and at it by 7:00, gearing up to meet Andy and Trevor on the Island C for a big day of whale watching...we'll update when we get back tonight!


Moser Bay Paul said...

Mary if you can please bring one pig for Moser Bay Paul.....will see you Friday.

Anonymous said...

Stop by KMXT Radio or give us a shout! We would love to interview you guys! 486-6397 or 620 Egan Way.

Mary said...

PAUL! We got your back - Liquid Sunshine okay?? Also, we are coming on thursday so empty your schedule...let us know if you need anything else! Mary