Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Gang's All Here (almost)!

Carrie, Sarah and Rohit all arrived around 6:00, we checked everyone in and headed over to the Fancy Moose at the Millenium for beers and grub. Everyone was starving! Of course we had to have some halibut chunks, and a selection of other tasty treats supplemented with plenty of Alaskan Amber...

One of the best parts about being here in the summer has to be the long daylight hours. You can see by the clock on the Millenium that its almost 11:00, but look at that sky! The sun was still streaming into the restaurant as we finished our dinner. It's hard to wrap the day up when it's still so bright out.

We watched a few float planes land on Lake Spenard until it was time to head home. Linda's plane was due in around midnight, so
I waited for her at the airport and was treated to a beautiful, gigantic rosy pink moon - either rising or setting, I will admit to being somewhat disoriented! Linda got in on time, and the day is done...

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