Friday, June 20, 2008

Regarding the Pig

The blog is such and easy way to send messages down to Moser Bay! PAUL! If you can tell Matt the pig is registered under Carrie Nahabedian, in case there is any confusion! For those of you wondering about the pig - it served us well. It was once filled with Liquid Sunshine from The Kodiak Island Brewing Company - our beer of choice on the island. Three years ago, our friend Josh send up an urgent request over the radio - "bring beer" and now the ceremonial tapping of the pig has become a tradition for our summertime visits - long may they live!

We hate to leave the island! We are off to our farewell lunch at Henry's where we think Rohit can stomach one more meal of fried to Anchorage tonight and then - well, we won't talk about it quite yet.

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Moser Bay Paul said...

will is done...sorry that you have to go back but someone has to work. we will stay here and fish. We have a opening tomorrow so back to the grind stone.