Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday night fun

What could be more fun than a lecture! We headed over to Kodiak's new visitors center for a reception and presentation from Andy on beach debris and current and future projects. We enjoyed some great food from Chef Joel, who owns Mill Bay Coffee & Pastry and was recently named "Ambassador of Sustainable Seafood" at the 2008 Cooking for Solutions series held at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in May. Then a short presentation from Andy about the problems associated with marine debris (especially plastics and ghost nets).

The Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation has a lot of good information if you are looking to learn more about this issue.

Early to bed tonight, we're heading to Olga Bay in the morning!


Ronnie said...

Wow! Looks like an amazing trip so far. Seeing a bald eagle and whales must have been breathtaking. It's also great to hear about sustainability efforts being taken up by those who also care about great eating.

Loving the blog. I hope you guys are enoying the trip as much as it appears.


Andy Schroeder said...

Thanks go out to all of you from Island Trails Network for helping us get that beach cleaned up.

Marine debris not only clutters our water trails, it impacts the health and quality of our seafood.

NY Times just ran a feature story on it today. Google "Sea of Trash" to read Donovan Hohn's latest essay on the subject.